Mitsubishi lancer Evo GSR and RS road car parts, for Evo 4,5 and 6 from Turnaround360

Evo AYC Pump Refurbish offers repair and refurbishment of mitsubishi lancer evolution ayc hydraulic pressure pumps to rally cars, trackday cars, and evo road car owners throughout the local area. The company, which is based in Wanborough (Guildford), originally started out in 1990 and has many years of experience in the car repair garages sector.

With a fully fitted workshop and fully qualified staff, the company is able to offer a professional pump refurbishment, pressure testing and fitting on exchange basis to Mitsubishi lancer evo owners. The service is intended to Keep the handling benefits of the road car, back to how it once was, enabling clients to go round a bend on rails, again.

The workshop garage hydraulic pump specialist refurbishes and repairs reliable AYC and ACD pressure pumps that are refurbished and tested back to original specification. The products feature new bearings, oil seals and O rings, new stainless steel pressure plate, making them perfect for Mitsi evo owners who do not want to pay 2000 for a new pump from a dealer, and they are ofen availiable on drive in-exchange basis available from the workshop in Wanborough, Surrey.

Evo AYC Pump Refurbish has a growing customer base, located throughout the UK, including MLR forum members, MLR traders, Evo rally challenge competitors, Track day enthusiasts, and sprint challenge drivers.

The EVOAYC company is managed by RogerRally who has been involved in the performance motorsport business for many years. Rogerrally is well trained to manage the day to day running of the company, having previously worked for Dave appleby motorsport, TAL motorsport.

 Engine bay parts   
 Evo engine ( can be heard running when removed from donor car) E4 £1000 
 Starter motor E4-6 £90 
 Alternator E4-6 £150 
 Turbo GSR E4 £250 
 Greddy 20g Turbo kit E6 £1000 
 Engine ECU E4 £75 
 Link ECU upgraded E4 £250 
 AYC ECU E4 £75 
 Airbag ECU E4 £75 
 Fuel pump and sender E4-6 £60 
 Fuel tank E4-6 £100 
 Exhaust front down pipe E4-6 £60 
 Exhaust middle and rear E4-6 £200 
 Air con pump and rad E4-6


 Steering Rack E4 £250 
 Intercooler E4-6 £200 
 Oil cooler E4 £150 


 3 part propshaft 4-6 £100 
 rear rs shaft 4-6 £100 
 Gearbox GSR E4 £450 
 Transfer box E4-6 £600 
 ACD transferbox E7-9 £700 
 Front driveshafts (pair) E4 £240 
 Front driveshaft (pair) E5-6 £300 
 Rear driveshaft (GSR, Pair) E4-6 £250 
 Front hub, bearing, studs (pair E4-6 £200 
 Rear hub, bearing studs (pair) E4-6 £200