Updated May 2013: EVOAYC are AYC pump refurbish mail order exchange specialists, and carry good stock of refurbed/ tested 4,5,6 GSR AYCpumps, 7,8,9 GSR MR AYC ACD pumps, RS ACD pumps, EvoX pumps and carry some Reconditioned spares: Solenoids (when availiable ), pressure switches, pressure sensors, and Pressure test Guages. All pumps we fit in our workshop garage come with 6 months waurente

Check out EVOAYC blogsite for updates, garage workshop diary, special offers: CYLEX: EVOAYC.

EVOAYC carry an extensive stock of Evo 4, 5 and 6 secondhand standard GSR road car parts, and now have some 7 - 9 parts we have bought in for updating, repair, refurbish older cars to the newer spec.

We perfer not to post out all the carefully selected, and cleaned up stock of ready to use guarenteed parts, but keep them on our workshop garage shelf ready for fitting by our own trained Technicians.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo GSR Road car AYC / ACD hydraulic pump parts for sale from RogerRally at Turnaround360                                       Prices plus VAT,  Preview,   Click here for Photos

Evo 4 GSR rear diff

 Evo 5 GSR rear diff £500  Foto
 Evo 6 GSR rear diff £600  
 Evo 6 Front transfer box £600  foto
 Evo 8 Front transfer box/ ACD £700  foto
 Evo 4-6 GSR AYC pump £500  foto

 Evo 7 -9 GSR ACD/ AYC pump

(please deduct £100 for exchange return)

 we normally offer free fitting in exchange for the old fauly pump 


 Evo 4-6 GSR pressure switch S/H £50  
 Tommy Mak pressure switch S/H £50  
 Evo Adjustable setting switch New £100  
 Evo 7-9 sensor S/H £100  
 Solenoid (single wire type) £100 sorry, out of stock
 Solenoid (two wire type) £100 sorry, out of stock 
 12v DC motor S/H £75  foto

 20 bar 1ltr Accumulator bulb S/H

New larger Bulb



AYC pump manual activation box for 4500 mile service bleed of fluid from pump to diff for Hire £50 rental for a week
 Hire of test gauge and test instructions to check on internal pressure of AYC pump £20 rental for a week 
 Hire of manual pump activation box for test or bleeding £50 for a week Click here