Mitsubishi lancer Evo GSR and RS road car parts, for Evo 4,5 and 6 from Turnaround360

Secondhand Evo 4-6 GSR road car parts (rear end selection)

 rear driveshafts GSR 4 inc abs (pair) 4 250 
 rear driveshafts GSR 6 inc abs (pair) 6 300 
 Rear diff GSR 4 500 
 Rear diff RS 6 1000 
 Cusco insert for GSR rear diff (removes AYC system) New 4-6 800 
 Rear Struts and springs, Top mount 4-6 200 
 Rear struts and springs (pair) 7-9 300 
 Rear wheel hub, handbrake, bearing, studs (pair) E4 200 

 L and R set of 6 steel toe links/ trailing arms

 E4 200 
 Rear triangle lights each E4 50 
 Rear bumper inc metal support Grey E4 £100 
 Rear doors Black glass, no int trim (pair) E4-6 £100 

 Rear boot (no spoiler)

 E4 £100 
 Rear antiroll bar E4£25  
 Rear alli subframe and crossmember E4  £100 
 Rear brake calipers, pads and disks (single pot) pair E4 £150 
 Front brakes, calipers, pads and worn disks (twin pot) pair E4 £200 
 Rear diff, Ayc pump availiable, see our Hydraulic section